A Look Back at 2021

A Look Back at 2021

Sure it's 2022 now, but I like to review the amazing things that happened during another year of COVID life for a small business owner. Read along and enjoy! Plus, thank you for your continuing support of my little business that could.

Market Collective is the market that started this whole hobby to full time gig business, so I was SO happy to return to it during the holidays 2021. You all blew my mind with the turn out and shopping local for your holiday gifts! I love in-person markets because of all the connections I've made over the years and all the new ones too. Can't wait to get back into seeing all your loves faces (with masks on!) at more craft markets.

Some highlights of some extra special local makers that have made my days are: Amanda Parker (her hugs are the best!), Majesty and Friends (for all the high fives and support of my little shop), Collab (for the continued support of local makers), a group of lovely girl boss ladies on IG that I can rely on if I had any biz questions (you know who you are!) and Karen from Butter Block & Co. has been a #1 supporter of my work (so so grateful for our friendship!).

Graphic Design Freelance
On top of Hop & Flop fun, I actually work on freelance design and illustration work as well. My portfolio needs an update with the latest projects, but you can also see my work live at these amazing local shops: Mini Mrkt, Butter Block & CoRegal Cat Cafe and Majesty and Friends Manchester shop. 

Lunar New Year Pin Crowdfunder
You're always learning and sometimes there are ups and downs in a small business. I tried to put a crowdfunder to get funding to create 12 zodiac animal pins. Unfortunately, I didn't reach my goal, but it's okay! Life can have its obstacles. I'm moving on because I have so many ideas stirring in my mind. 

Kidney Cancer Fundraiser
I had my second annual fundraiser in memory of my grandma and raised $816 that was split between Alberta Cancer Foundation and Capital Care Norwood Palliative Care in Edmonton, Alberta. There was extra products left which I continued to sell here on my site and at in-person markets, which raised an additional $230 to donate to the foundations. THANK YOU! 

I will likely have another fundraiser this year, but I'll probably move it onto my Hop & Flop site to centralize all the work for it.

Community Wise
It wasn't a lot, but from the Phil & Seb collaborative pin set, I was able to donate $25 to Community Wise. Anything counts right?

Stop Asian Hate
I didn't have a chance to look at the sales numbers from the Kindness over Hate stickers, but will do so this month. I'm hoping to create more items to support this important cause. Psst....have you checked out veryasian.us