Notepad- Seconds


This listing is for notepads ON SALE because they have a little extra love.

What's a notepad second? Sometimes production of our products doesn't pass our quality standards when it's completed. In this case, these note pads do not have a card board backing and or they have little dings or misprints.

Please note for notepad seconds, these are a FINAL SALE. No returns/no exchanges.

 *This listing is not available for wholesale.

Tall note pad, 3.8" x 7.8" - "Not Today Bunny"
Medium note pad, 4" x 5.5" - "Red Panda and Dumplings"
Sticky note pad, 3" x 3" - "Tabby Cat Dreams" (Note, this will be a 2 for 1 sale - $5 for 2 pads while quantities last.)