Happy Birthday Hop & Flop!

Happy Birthday Hop & Flop!

Hop & Flop turns 7!

It's pretty unbelievable to know that all of this started 7 years ago. I remember having no website, renting half a table at Market Collective and only having a small selection of lino cut printed greeting cards to sell. The countless nights prepping and packing up stuff for markets and always finding ways to improve on my table display. Who knew my little hobby has grown into something amazing.

Now, I passionately love handcrafting new things every day, like enamel pins, Christmas cards, original paintings and hopefully expand the Hop & Flop paper goods and accessories collection.

To celebrate this wonderful year, use code: 'BUNNYPARTY' for 20% off anything online. No minimum purchase amount required and the discount applies to sale items too!

Also check out and follow my Instagram account in the coming week for a special birthday giveaway contest that will include something from me and some local shops. This is my way of saying thanks for supporting my dream and supporting local small businesses.